Rick Johnson- Actor's Equity Association Member

"I've been working with Tracy for a little over 2 years. In that time, my

growth as an actor has been significant. I've made strides in my ability

to get in touch with my emotions and transfer that into my work.

It's definitely reflected in my monologues and I believe I am a better actor

today than I was when we first started working together."‍‍‍








Shira Spiel-Recently signed with Barry Kolker Talent Agent.

"I have worked with Tracy for five years! Her classes helped me lose my stage fright

and I have learned to feel comfortable performing solo and working with other actors.

Ms. Tracy‍‍ started my acting career by giving me a strong foundation of the craft and continues to help me hone my skills."





Jen Jacobs- Accepted into New York University/Tisch Fall 2010. "When I decided I wanted to apply to Tisch, I knew I could not just waltz in there and go. I'm not exactly naturally gifted, but with proper training, I didn't have to be. I had been in shows  before, but never really taken acting lessons, so Tracy was my first time experiencing real training, and I couldn't ask for anything more. She helped me find the perfect monologues and practiced them week after week patiently and carefully, always having a critique with my best interests at heart.  But I didn't just prepare for an audition, I learned to be a better actress. I fine-tuned my cold reading, and became more self-sufficient learning when something wasn't working and how to fix it.  She taught me about writing a cover letter and a resume, gave me advice on my headshots, and was always willing to lend an ear after a tough day.  She helped me and I feel her training will echo throughout the rest of my performance career."


Caitlin Fichtel-Recently appeared on Canon Software Tutorials. Working one-on-one allows you to get honest feedback quickly." Ms. Tracy never tells you how to play a role but rather, lets you explore the role for yourself and then offers advice and guidance. She is very easy to work with and makes classes fun and interesting instead of dull and boring.