Tuition will not be prorated. If a students begins after the first

session of the semester, they are responsible for the full

semesters payments.  Payment is not based on a per class

fee, but on a semester long commitment.

There will be no refunds after the first class.


Tuition is not refunded for any missed classes,

which includes sick days, vacations, holidays,

and inclement weather.

Make-ups for Middle and High School Classes:

The Centerstage season is split into two semesters.

Each student receives 14 session per semester.

In addition, students who register during the first

class of each semester, may receive two to three

additional classes at no charge, to accommodate

missed sessions, due to snow days and personal

absences. Students beginning after the first two

sessions of a semester will not receive this option.


In the case of inclement weather or other emergencies,

please contact us at 718-207-6554. Centerstage is not

responsible for making up classes, due to inclement weather

conditions.  Please have a cell phone number and e-mail

address on file, which is current.

Trial Classes:

Each student's first session of the semester begins during

their trial class. Full tuition is due after this trial class, if they

would like to continue attending classes. One free trial class

is permitted per student.

Please contact: [email protected]

We really love acting and drama and we want to make your experience as educational and fun as possible.